Top 5 Tom and Jerry Games on the Cartoon Network Website

Cartoon Network is the only kid’s network that offers content that can entertain the entire family. It has a variety of cartoon shows that can appeal to any child or adult.  You can also play free online games with Cartoon Network characters on the Network’s website. The games are entirely free and they are also worth your time.

Tom and Jerry Games: What will these two get into today?

The Tom and Jerry cartoon show was not originally made by Cartoon Network but features regularly on the network. They also have several Tom and Jerry games on their website and they include:

Toms Trap-o-matic

You play as Tom in this game and all you have to do is build the best trap to catch Jerry. The game provides you with a ‘’device library’’ that has launchers, hangers, cutters and rollers that you can use to set the best trap. You can either set the trap in the kitchen or the living room. This game requires careful thought when you are planning the specifics of your trap. If your trap does not work, the game is over and you have to start all over again. The design of this game is a feast for the eyes.

Tom and Jerry Food Fight

Here Jerry jumps on cells and collects cheese and bonus items as he tries to avoid Tom and other dangers. Jerry can also jump on switches that put on electric stoves that can harm Tom. You get points by collecting cheese (5 points) and sausages (20). There are also special platforms (cakes) available that help you jump longer distances as you try to run away from Tom. This game also has a nice look to it and the background music is great.

Run Jerry Run

Jerry has to collect all the pieces of cheese scattered about the house and at the same time avoid turned into Tom’s sandwich seasoning. Jerry has to jump over all the obstacles in front of him at just the right time or he could trip and fall. You lose whenever Jerry falls and loses the cheese he is carrying in his hands. The game’s graphics quality is not as good as the one for the first two games on this list and the background music is a little annoying. Generally, the game controls are good because you only have to click your left mouse button every time Jerry has to jump.

What’s the Catch

You can play either character in this game and choose among the easy, medium and hard difficulty. When you play as Tom, you have to stop the plates that Jerry keeps knocking over as you chase him from falling. If more than two plates fall to the floor, Tom is thrown out of the house and you have to start all over again. When you play as Jerry, all you have to do is jump to avoid obstacles and catch floating cheese as Tom is in hot pursuit. If you hit too many obstacles, Tom catches up with you and eats you in one big gulp. The game has good graphics and the controls are easy and smooth.

Suppertime Serenade

The game requires you to pick instruments and on a table and drag them over to a mixing tray then drag them over from the tray to the characters. The three characters (Tom, Jerry and the Bulldog) will play the instruments you drag on them to accompany the background music of the game. This game is a lot of fun especially for kids.

There many other amazing flash games on Cartoon Network Website that you or your Kid can play and enjoy.

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